Riviera- 3 inches of holofill finger foam with a
removable damask bio-guard pillow top cover.   This
mattress feels like a traditional hard side waterbed
with a thick comforter on top of it.                                
10 inch mattress height.
Available in
King     (78X 80)- $1079.00
Queen (60X 80)- $949.00
Full      (54X 74)- $909.00
Single ( 39X 74)- $699.00  
Signature- 2 inches of holofill finger foam, 1 inch of denser
foam, and 1 inch of visco memory foam along with netting.
The top is a removable damask bio-guard cover  10 inch
mattress height
Available in
King      (78 X 80)- $1239.00
Queen  (60 X 80)-  $1109.00
Full       (54 X 74)-  $1099.00
Single   (39 X 74)-  $899.00
Paradise-  3 inches of plush visco elastic memory
foam,  and 1 inch of finger foam with a  removable
damask bio-quard cover.
12 inch mattress height.
Available in
King       (78 X 80)- $1489.00
Queen   (60 X 80)- $1269.00
Full        (54 X 74)- $1249.00
All softsides are priced with an 80 % waveless mattress, foundation, four removable
foam side rails, a vapor barrier underneath of the damask top,safety liner and a fill
kit.  Dual mattress (two separate sides) are $60.00 additional.  A 90% waveless
mattress adds $60.00 to price and a 98% waveless mattress adds $120.00 to the
price.  A semi waveless will deduct $ 60.00 from the price and a free flow will deduct
$120.00 from the price.   The foundation is split in full, queen and king sizes which
makes it much easier to get upstairs.
 Price includes shipping bed  to your
home by way of common carrier
.  The truck driver will not take it into your
Other available options:
Low wattage heater:   $ 99.00 each (for a dual
mattress you will need 2 heaters)
9-legged metal frame: $109.00
Service-  if you live local (Levittown PA, Trenton NJ
area) and you would like us to set up the bed for
you, there will be a nominal $50.00 fee.
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